Strong storms have become very common throughout the United States. There has been a rise in powerful winds and storm warnings everywhere. Typically, these events bring along hazardous hail. This catastrophic weather condition can result in a lot of damages to any structure in the path of the storm. Obviously, your roof is the easiest structure to hit.  

It can be extremely overwhelming to have a storm-damaged roof. This is particularly true if there are more storms coming. Aside from making your house unsafe, having a storm-damaged roof can also be expensive to repair.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several things that can help you handle a storm-damaged roof. If you think you’ve got one, don’t hesitate to hire a professional Oakland roofing company for help. 

How Can You Protect Your Roof from Storms? 

In reality, there are no methods you can use to avoid storm damage from happening. However, there are a couple of actions you can do if it happens. For example, you’ve got to get rid of any loose objects and debris from the roof. This includes leaves, sticks, and snow that can cause damages.  

What Should You Do If You Think a Hail Storm Damaged Your Roof? 

The best thing you can do is to hire a professional roofing company. They will conduct a free basic evaluation of the roof. Then, they will contact you with a complete analysis of hail damages to your roof. A lot of professionals don’t suggest doing this job on your own. The reason for this is that there are a lot of hidden problems you may miss that can cause major issues in the future.  

Do You Have to Replace Your Roof If It is Storm-Damaged? 

Before further issues can develop, you need to repair any major damage right away. If you choose to ignore them, you might end up replacing your entire roof down the line.  

What Should You Do If a Hail Storm Damages Your Roof? 

Once you determine that your roof is damaged by a hail storm, it’s suggested that you call your homeowner’s insurance provider and hire a roofer right away. You have to evaluate any damage and fix it immediately before they get worse.  

After you identify every single issue: 

  • Take note of the damages 
  • Repair possible hazards and submit an insurance claim 
  • Make an appointment when the insurance provider 
  • Hire a professional roofer 
  • Have your roof fixed or replaced 

Indications of Hail Storm Damage 

Luckily, you can easily identify major hail storm damages. Here are a couple of signs that your roof has been damaged by a hail storm: 

  • Rusted panels  
  • Chipped or split panels 
  • Leaking roof 
  • Dents 
  • Impact marks 
  • Fractures 
  • Shattered tiles 
  • Gray shingles 
  • Water leaks 
  • Holes in the roof 
  • Moldy or rotting wood 
  • Split wood 
  • Torn shingles 
  • Missing shingles 
  • Loose seal 
  • Broken or exposed fiberglass mat 
  • Exposed granules 
  • Cracked shingles 

If you notice any of these indications, you have to fix your roof right away to avoid costly repairs in the future. Since a DIY roof repair isn’t recommended, hiring a professional roofer is your best bet.