When was the last time you visited an eye doctor? For those who don’t know, around 60 million adults in the United States are probably going to suffer serious vision loss. This is according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  

A lot of individuals don’t take seriously their eye health. That is why most people only visit an eye doctor every 1-2 years. A couple of them completely ignore their eyes. This is a major issue since a person won’t have any crucial details about the health of their eyes.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of dangerous eye issues that you should not ignore. If you suffer at least one of them, don’t hesitate to visit an eye doctor the woodlands professional. 

Loss of Peripheral Vision 

Are you having a hard time seeing objects that aren’t in front of you? Well, if that’s the case, then you’re experiencing peripheral vision loss. Injury in the optic nerve from glaucoma is the common cause of peripheral vision loss. If ignored, this can lead to total blindness.  

Sensitivity to Light 

Sensitivity to light can be secondary to infections, cataracts, or migraines. Aside from that, it can also mean that you’re experiencing ocular herpes.  

Pain in the Eye 

You shouldn’t suffer any type of pain in your eyes. You need to visit a professional if you do suffer eye pain. This will help you determine if you’ve got any serious eye injury that is causing the pain. 

Pupils That Are Uneven in Size 

You should visit a professional eye doctor if your pupils appear to have uneven sizes. You can be having problems in your brain such as an aneurism or a tumor. It might be less severe, however. It’s safer to visit a doctor than to assume.  

Watery and Red Eyes 

You might be experiencing keratitis if your eyes are watery and red. This eye condition is an infection in the cornea that causes vision loss if left ignored.  

Halos and Glare 

The light that penetrates your eyes is called glare. It makes it hard for you to see. On the other hand, the bright rings that form around light are called halos. Glare and halos are red flags of cataracts.  

Gritty Feeling 

Grittiness can be a sign that you’ve got dry eyes. You might also suffer light sensitivity, teary eyes, and recurrent sharp pain. Visit a professional eye doctor if you think you’ve got a dry eye. Keep in mind that this issue isn’t treatable at home.  

Flashes and Floaters 

You’ve got to visit an eye doctor as soon as possible if you see light flashes or spots floating in your vision once in a while. Flashes and floaters are an indication of a detached retina.  

 Blurred Vision 

Blurred vision can be an indication that you have to wear prescription glasses. It can also be a sign that you’ve got macular degeneration or glaucoma. Visit a professional eye doctor right away. This will help you figure out the causes and treat them immediately.